WE ARE ABLE TO EXTEND THE YEARBOOK ORDER & LOVE LINES DEADLINE TO SUNDAY, APRIL 5TH if you have not purchased your Briarwood 2019-2020 yearbook please go to the Briarwood PTA page and order your copy today!  Yearbook

We Need Pictures! - Email all pictures to desireez@yahoo.com by April 5th.

  • Briarwood Bears at Home: We would like to have a page of your Briarwood students learning and having fun from home during our time away from school - students working at the computer, playing outside, drawing, painting,reading, etc. 

  • Did your student enroll in school after picture day September 2019?Or did your child miss the September 2019 picture day? If so, we do not have your child's photograph for the 2019-2020 Briarwood yearbook.With school being cancelled, that unfortunately means that our Spring Picture day is cancelled as well and there will not be an opportunity at school to get a photograph of your child. If this applies to you and you would like your student to be in the yearbook, please send in a current photo of your child to asap.  

  • Students in Extra Curricular Activities & Clubs at Briarwood: there will be no in-school opportunity to get group photos of each. Parents and teachers please send in any photos you have taken of extra curricular activities and clubs. (Especially group shots!) 

Let's all pull together and HELP make Briarwood's 2019-2020 yearbook GREAT!!! Thank you so much for your help





We would like to share the art lessons created by our VP of Art Programs, Rosie O'Keefe.  She has made some videos that you can use to keep your students' creativity flowing.  There is also a link to the ISF art lessons for you to use for free.  If you would like to share your art work, please email to ptabriarwood@gmail.com and we will feature on Facebook and Instagram.

  Rosie's YouTube Link – CLICK HERE

Issaquah School Foundation – CLICK HERE to check out the Artistic Support page





Board Members for 2019-2020 

                                       President-Jasmine Brothers
                                       Co - VP Programs-Vacant
                                       Co - VP Programs- Vacant
                                       Co - VP Family Nights- Vacant
                                       VP Art- Rosie O'Keefe
                                       Co-VP Fundraising- Vacant
                                       Treasurer- Ben Mathis
                                       Secretary- Megan Raak
          VP Communications - Kristi Isaacs


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