Saturday June 1, 2019- 4:15 PM against the LA Angels.
Tickets will be delivered the week of May 28th.

Tickets $21 each ($8 from each ticket supports the PTA)

Bring your kids out to the ballpark with their friends. To insure you have seats with your friends, please have one person purchase ALL the tickets for your group in one transaction.

EXTENDED Deadline to purchase tickets - May 24th

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5th Grade promotion

 Wednesday, June 26, 2019 at 9:30AM  



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Spring Minions PTA Membership Contest


 Each Class that has 100% Participation will be given the opportunity to play silly pranks on Ms. Nakapaahu.

   May 31st Deadline: Silly String!

 Special Prize: Mystery prank on Principal Thatcher!

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In continuation of Briarwood's PTA to enrich the education around the areas of art, during the month of March students got to participate in the Art of Discovery Program.  All Briarwood students had exposure to eight original art pieces, with a variety of mediums.  The students participated in open ended discussions surrounding each art piece including what they liked/ and didn't like and how art isn't always just paint or pastels on paper.   All of the artwork was created by local Northwest Artists including Jack Portland, Michael Spafford, Jacob Lawrence and more.  Be sure to ask your child about their favorite art piece. 
Almost all Grade levels have completed their ceramic project for the year.  3rd Grade made a Salmon, 5th Grade and Science Tech made Dragons, 2nd Grade made Coil Hearts, 1st Grade made coil flowers, Kindergarten is working on Butterflies and 4th Grade will make pinch pot creatures. 
This year our art lessons are geared towards teaching your children some of the basic principles of art while introducing some of the World's Greatest Artists, seasonal projects and some curriculum based projects.  Your children will be exposed to different mediums such as Watercolors, Mosaics, Foil Embossing, Oil Pastels, printmaking and more.  Be sure to check out these masterpieces in the hallways the next time you are at the school.
Thank you to all 41 of our wonderful art docents. Whether you are taking the time to learn the lesson and teach it to the kids or just coming in to help set up and clean up.  We could not run this program without you!
We are looking for volunteers to shadow art positions this year or next.  Positions include: Art Docent Leads, Ceramics Leads, Reflections Chair and Art of Discovery chair.   Please contact Tira Will for more information.


Congratulations to the new board for 2019-20 

President-Jasmine Brothers
Co- Vp Programs-Vacant
Co-Vp Programs- Vacant
Co-VP of family nights- Vacant
Co-VP Art- Rosie O'Keefe
Co-Vp fundraising- Jill Santiago
Treasurer- Ben Mathis
Secretary- Megan Raak



   Current 2018-19 Board

President- Nicole Morgan
Secretary- Jasmine Brothers
Treasurer-Alison Larsson
co-VP Programs- Kathleen Baillie
co-VP Programs- Tira Will
VP Family Nights- Kristi Isaacs
VP-Fundraising- Jill Santiago
VP Communications- Desiree Mostrom & Jen Catherall



Upcoming Calendar




17 - Popcorn Friday

20 - General PTA Meeting, 6:30PM in the Briarwood Library

27 - Memorial Day, No School for students or staff

31 - Popcorn Friday




7 - Carnival

11 - Staff Appreciation - 5th Grade BBQ

14 - Popcorn Friday

15 - Off Site Board Meeting

21 - Field Day





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