The Treasurer’s job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Report to the President, serve as an active participant on the Board of Directors, and attend PTA board meetings with voice and vote.
  • Serve as chair of the Budget Committee and present the budget to the membership for approval in the spring and again the fall.
  • Attend the Washington State PTA classes, “PTA and the Law” and “Money Matters,” and follow all rules and recommendations outlined in the publication, PTA and the Law.
  • Must keep accurate and detailed accounts in the PTA books and records of all funds received and all funds disbursed. The treasurer shall issue written receipts for all monies received. The Treasurer submits a written monthly financial report at each meeting of the PTA (General Membership and Board of Directors). The Treasurer must provide all financial records if requested by the President or board members.
  • Must preserve all vouchers, receipts, bank statements, canceled checks, and other records and, when requested, submit these to the financial review committee, to the Board of Directors or to membership. The Treasurer must maintain complete financial records as specified in the records retention timetable set forth by Washington State PTA.
  • Must submit the books and records to the Financial Review Committee in January and July.
  • Receive all PTA funds and promptly deposit these funds into the PTA’s bank account. The PTSA Treasurer handles only PTA funds and does not deposit funds of other organizations or ASB funds into the PTA account. Bills that are paid BY CHECK ONLY and signed by two authorized signer with the exception of the dues payment to the State PTA. This payment is completed online. Print out the receipt and have both the treasurer and president review and sign. All of the PTSA’s financial obligations must be authorized by the Board of Directors or the membership.
  • The Treasurer is responsible for coordinating the signature authority transfer on the PTA bank accounts at the end of the fiscal year or as necessary.
  • Read and understand all references to membership service fees and finances that can be found in the Uniform Bylaws, the PTSA’s standing rules and the Washington State PTA materials. The Treasurer should forward to the Washington State PTA – through the appropriate channels – the State PTA portion of the PTSA membership service fees, accompanied by the properly completed forms.
  • File all mandatory state and federal filings, including, but not limited to, IRS 990/990 EZ, Charitable Solicitations Forms, and the Incorporation Annual Report.
  • Be responsible for obtaining and updating association insurance.



  • The Treasurer delivers to her/his successor, all books and records, including historical records, promptly at the conclusion of her/his term