Staff Grants

The Briarwood PTA welcomes grant requests from the staff and parents of Briarwood Elementary to help fund programs for students. The Briarwood PTA grant funds are intended to be used for significant numbers of students, such as entire classrooms or grade levels and should not be used for individuals except in the case of scholarship. Funds are limited and availability may vary from year to year. The Briarwood PTA Board of Directors will review applications prior to voting on them at a general meeting. Grant applicants should be prepared to answer questions during this review process and at the general meeting.

2023-24 Grant Application


Past Approved Grants:

2023-2024 Large print books for the Briarwood Library $500.00
  General Non-fiction books for the Briarwood Library $2500.00
  Books for Mrs Wagner's classroom library $210.00
  Wiggle stools and wiggle cushions for social emotional regulation $867.46
  TOTAL $4077.46
2022-2023 Family Math Night $801.99
  Two New Microphones for the Music Program $658.40
  RGR Playground $570.00
  Math Specialist Supplies $136.97
  Decodables Reading Curriculum $985.66
  Drama Club (The Jungle Book) $1,346.98
  TOTAL $4,500.00
2020-2021 “The Character Tree” curriculum (Kindergarten) $270.00
  Two Math Nights $1,087.96
  Books Grants for Classroom Libraries $1,313.07
  TOTAL $2,671.03
2018-2019 Running Club-School Enrichment $1,082.75
  Music Program-Boom Whackers $609.53
  Robotics League $500.00
  Math Support-Digi Blocks $793.50
  Kindergarten Conference Fee-Educator support $350.49
  ELL Multilanguage Books plus $26.41
  (Balance of All for Books Funds to be used for ELL books) $167.36
  TOTAL $3,530.04
2017-2018 3rd grade book club $848.16
  5th grade book club $618.40
  First Lego Robotics League $500.00
  TOTAL $1,966.56
2016-2017 1st Grade Reading Curriculum $1,476.32
  PE Bear Paw Necklace Awards $162.22
  5th Grade Camp Coleman Necklaces $251.98
  Kindergarten Chairs $44.77
  TOTAL $1,935.29
2015-2016 Branches book set for the library $800.00
  Assistance to purchase the international flags $480.00
  Sent two teachers to Kindergarten conference $1,470.00
  Offset the cost of a 3rd grade school field trip $1,500.00
  TOTAL $4,250.00
2013-2014 Fitness Calendar Rewards $622.50
  Go Green Team Supplies $201.65
  Leveled Readers-Kindergarten Team $1,333.62
  ASAP/ELL Intervention & Enrichment-Fountas/Pinnell Library $1,000.00
  Kimochi's Educational Toolkit for students with disabilities $362.72
  Reading Buddy Book Conversion-rolling carts/bins $537.82
  Positive Behavior Incentive Program $340.91
  Health Room Thermometer $445.49
  TOTAL $4,844.71