Here are some helpful instructions and forms for anyone chairing a committee or program:


Basic Chairperson Information Packet - Some basics on how to get started with your group/event.


Org Chart - This shows which programs report to which VP's - updated for 2019-2020


Tips on Making an Effective Flyer


Promote Your Event - Gives a general timeline for how/when you should be posting info about your event.


How to Submit - Guidelines on submitting copy for all of our methods of communication.


Chairperson Checklist - A form to use in planning your event (nice to keep in permanent binder for your program)


Event Follow-Up - A great form to fill out to help future volunteers for this event/program.  Also keep in binder.


Reimbursement Request Form - Fill out and send to Treasurer with original sales slips, in order to receive reimbursement.


Procurement form


Guidelines for Logo Usage


Customizable Logos - for use in making flyers