Meet the 2021-2022 PTA Board  



NAMELena Wiegering

PRESIDENT:  President

HOMETOWN:  Bremerton, WA

ALMA MATER:  University of Washington (Go Dawgs!)

KIDS:  Isaac 3rd grade and Isabel 9th grade

CURRENT JOB:  Sr. Manager Americas Cloud Provider Marketing at VMware

HOBBIES:  So Many!  I love spending time with my kids, watching movies, the Seahawks, the Huskies, playing soccer, hiking, camping and volunteering with the PTA

FAVORTIE VACATION SPOT:  Puerto Vallarta, MX and Beverly Beach, OR

WHY PTA?:  I love being a part of the PTA and giving my time because of the great people I get to meet and spend time with, the chance to get to know Briarwood staff inside and outside the classroom, and help enrich the lives of Briarwood students.

NAME:   Jen Ferris Gardiner

POSITION:  Secretary

HOMETOWN: Balikpapan, Indonesia 

ALMA MATER: University of Washington and Washington State University   

KIDS:  Lachlan (3rd) and Mason (8th)

CURRENT or PRE-KID JOB: Archaeologist

HOBBIES:  Cooking, hiking, kayaking, camping, traveling, movies

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Hawaii and Disneyworld

WHY PTA?: PTA is a wonderful avenue to provide support, engagement, and enrichment to our Briarwood students. I'm excited to be involved with the PTA!




NAME:  Megan Raak

POSITION:  Treasurer

HOMETOWN:  Swanton, Vermont

ALMA MATER:  University of Evansville

KIDS:  Chael (6th), Ben (4th), Joss (2nd)

CURRENT or PRE-KID JOB: Physical Therapy

HOBBIES:  Downhill Skiing

WHY PTA?: Love to be involved with my boys' educational experience. 

NAME:  Chrislyn Johnson

POSITION:  VP of Communications

HOMETOWN:  Tacoma, Wa

ALMA MATER:  Washington State University 

KIDS:   Holland (4th), Bennett (3rd), Cameron (Kindergarten), and Brooklyn (3 years old) 

CURRENT or PRE-KID JOB:  Stay-at-home mom

HOBBIES: Running, biking, art, baking, reading

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT:  Hawaii and Suncadia

WHY PTA?:  My mom was very involved in the PTA when I was a child. This left a lasting impression of the importance of parent volunteers. Once my kids entered school, I could not wait to get involved! 


NAME: Katie Moller

POSITION: Co-VP Family Nights

HOMETOWN: Issaquah, Wa

ALMA MATER: Western Washington Univeristy

KIDS: Avery (4th) and Zoe (1st)

CURRENT OR PRE-KID JOB: Specialist Project Coordinator for Influence the Choice 

HOBBIES: Swimming and Hiking


WHY PTA?: Community

NAME: Kelly Sanford

POSITION: Co-Vp Family Nights

HOMETOWN: Spokane, Wa

ALMA MATER: University of Washington

KIDS: Andie and Hayden (1st)

CURRENT OR PRE-KID JOB: Preschool Teacher

HOBBIES: Reading, spending tine with friends, biking, paddle boarding

WHY PTA: Building Community!


NAME: Jessica Ball

POSITION: VP of Fundraising 

HOMETOWN: Arlington Heights, IL

ALMA MATER: Iowa State University

KIDS: Adelyn (2nd) and Charlotte (Pre-K)

CURRENT OR PRE-KID JOB: Boeing engineer "retired 2019"

HOBBIES: Parenting

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Disneyland and San Diego

WHY PTA?: Build Community


POSITION:  VP Art Program

HOMETOWN:  St. Louis, Mo

KIDS: Lydia (6th) and Wilhelm (2nd)

CURRENT or PRE-KID JOB:  Financial Planning

HOBBIES: arts & crafts, video games


WHY PTA?: I love helping in my kids school.  Fun meeting new people.


NAME: Nicole Jacobs

POSITION: Membership

HOMETOWN: Renton, Wa

ALMA MATER: University of Washington

KIDS: Bodie (4th) and Charlotte (3rd)

CURRENT JOB: Sr. Biz Analyst

HOBBIES: Traveling, Home Improvement Projects


WHY PTA?: Love Briarwood and the experience my kids are having. Want to support!



NAME: Reanne Nakapaahu

POSITION: Staff Liaison

HOMETOWN: Kaneohe, Hawaii

ALMA MATER: James B. Castle High School, WSU

KIDS: All of my students! 

CURRENT or PRE-KID JOB: Music Teacher

HOBBIES: Watching movies, long drives with loud music, softball, marching band, attending concerts and random adventures

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Hawaii (since I also visit my family)


WHY PTA?: PTA is amazing because they do an glorious job with supporting our teachers, staff and students. The PTA hosts fun events, assists with programs and are always present with volunteering. I am proud to be a PTA member!