Board Member Training Requirements

Training Requirement: To complete the annual training requirement, at least one elected officer shall attend PTA and the Law and all other elected officers shall attend at least one WSPTA-approved training before the current year’s annual WSPTA convention. Training received at or after the annual WSPTA convention shall be counted toward the training requirement for the PTA year following convention. A person who attends a WSPTA-approved training and is an elected officer of two or more PTAs shall have fulfilled the training requirement for all positions held.

Each individual officer shall maintain proof of the training that he/she attended. The local PTA or council may develop its own system for maintaining records and proof of training for its officers. For a PTA selected to be audited, the proof of training shall be required.


Did You Know? Washington State PTA provides all local PTA board members with free training classes each year. There are a wide variety of classes to choose from offered throughout the school year and summer!

Washington State PTA (WSPTA) is dedicated to empowering PTA leaders in their volunteer jobs. In this section, you will find many resources and information to help you run a successful PTA.

WA State PTA was built specifically to provide you with tools that will help you with running membership campaigns, understanding your volunteer position, participating as an effective board member, building communication campaigns and much, much more.

As a benefit of affiliation with WSPTA, local PTA and council leaders have access to numerous resources. There are a variety of resources available on the WSPTA website for PTA leaders.

You will find handbooks and other resources for PTA leaders on the Leadership Guides page, links to webinar recordings, short videos and eLearnings on the Training page, and PTA logos and guidelines on the PTA Logos page. To help you get started download Deadline Dates 2017-18. Additional resources for managing a successful PTA, such as bylaws, policy, and standards of affiliation, are located on the Governance page.

PTA leaders are provided a username and password to access these pages. This username and password is for leaders only. 


Types of training available:

 PTA and the Law Webinar

PTA and the Law is a vital training for your entire board. PTA and the Law deals with state and federal rules and regulations for running a charitable, tax-exempt nonprofit corporation in Washington State and will explain how these rules can and do affect your PTA.

This is one of the most important classes you will take each year.

  • Learn what it means to be a non-profit organization registered with the State of Washington. How do you maintain non-profit status? What laws must your PTA obey?
    • If you write a newsletter, run a raffle, work on an event with student helpers, serve alcohol at an event, enter into any contracts, file taxes with the IRS, or hold meetings you need to attend this class.
    • Laws and regulations change every year, so whether you went last year, haven’t been in a few years or have never been to this class, this presentation is relevant for any officer or committee chair.
    PTA and the Law attendance by one elected officer per local PTA or council is required by the WSPTA Standards of Affiliation as outlined in policy. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet this requirement!

This upcoming WSPTA webinar is an approved training and satisfies the annual training requirement. Please keep a copy of your registration for your PTA records.

All Washington State PTA trainings and events are for PTA officers, board members, committee chairs, and interested members only.

Local Council (Region 2) Training

Region 2 covers eastern King County and consists of the Bellevue, Issaquah, Lake Washington, Mercer Island, Riverview, and Snoqualmie Valley school districts.

The functions of a council are to promote the purposes of WSPTA; to provide services, information, support, and leadership training for local PTAs in their area. Councils promote cooperation among local PTAs and encourage projects promoting children’s health, safety, welfare and/or education in the local PTAs and the community. 

Issaquah PTSA Council offers local training. Please visit for current opportunities available in our region. 

Your Council Representative which can be found here can assist you, or put you in contact with a council volunteer or region service delivery team volunteer who can best provide the support you need.

National PTA Training

National PTA E-Learning is online and offers a plethora of topics.