The President Shall…

  • Lead the Executive Committee/Board and the PTA.
  • Preside at all Briarwood PTA meetings, communicate all information to and from the Briarwood Elementary PTA Members, Issaquah Council, State and National PTA. 
  • Respond in a timely manner to other PTA members or parents who may request information.
  • Attend all scheduled PTA board and general meetings.  Attend other meetings as necessary.  If attendance isn’t possible, have a Vice President agree to run the meeting.  If advance notice is not possible, the Secretary opens the meeting and calls for a Vice President to volunteer to run the meeting.  Chronic non-attendance may result in removal from the board.
  • Check PTA President mailbox in the work room on a weekly basis.  During busier times, a daily check may be warranted.
  • Work with the chairs and other VPs to recruit volunteers throughout the year as needed.  It is not the responsibility of the VP of Volunteers to fill the positions, but rather spread the word help is needed.  Working together to fill the positions is a task that is the responsibility of all PTA board members and chairs.
  • Maintain a master calendar of all programs and events and share it regularly with the rest of the board.
  • President nominates up to three board members at large in September to serve on the board.  President also initiates the election of the Nominating Committee and the forming of the Acorn committee members, which is to be made up of interested parties, but given the courtesy of asking last year’s winners first.  The President should oversee the activities of the Legislative Representative. 
  • Delegate responsibility and empower others by encouraging them and recognizing and appreciating their efforts. He/she should also attend leadership training and education, and encourage other Executive Committee/Board officers, committee chairs and members to attend.
  • Communicate regularly with officers and committee chairs and maintain visibility to the membership.
  • Make sure that all officers, committee chairs and committee members are current PTA members.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.
  • Plan and conduct an orientation for the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • Be responsive to the needs of members, and also to be well informed as he/she conducts the business of the association.
    • Set up regular meetings with the principal for the purpose of conducting PTA business.
    • Set a regular schedule of Board and General PTA meetings in accordance with Standing Rules requirements of number of each kind of meeting and for what purposes.
    • Maintain impartiality when serving as the presiding officer at meetings and be knowledgeable of basic parliamentary procedure.   The President does not get a vote in PTA matters except in the case of a tie.
    • Become familiar with the objectives of PTA as a whole, the Washington State PTA Uniform Bylaws, and the standing rules for Briarwood Elementary PTA.
    • Be aware of and utilize PTA resources from the council, State PTA, and National PTA. The President should establish a positive working relationship with the Principal and staff and encourage PTA members to do the same.
    • Prepare the agenda for board and general meetings. and share these agendas in advance of the meeting.  Agendas should be distributed to board members and posted at school prior to the meeting (the posting may be done by the President or Secretary).  All members of the Board of Directors and any PTA member can submit items or questions that need to be addressed at these meetings.
    • Maintain contact with the PTA Staff Rep and be prepared to present proposals at staff meetings as requested by the principal. He/she should also promote and encourage the positive image of PTA within the community.
    • It is also a responsibility of the President to be the District liaison to Briarwood PTA by attending District council meetings.  If attendance isn’t possible, the Standing Rules spell out who may go as a substitute.
    • Information from PTSA Council meetings should be shared with the Executive Committee/Board in a timely manner.
    • The President should make sure the names, addresses and phone numbers of the newly-elected officers (and any changes in this data) are entered via the online State membership enrollment program. The president should also be sure to disseminate and communicate all information that is pertinent to PTA’s programs.

In conjunction with the Treasurer, the President should also:

  • Co-sign all binding agreements and receive a duplicate copy of the bank statement.
  • Be aware of required deadlines for: the payment of membership service fees, preregistration for workshops and conferences, application for awards, and submittals for recommendations – as well as annual corporation report and charitable solicitations registration.
  • Be a signer on bank accounts.
  • Pursue other training opportunities as appropriate, including: the Region 2 Conference and the State PTA Convention in the spring.

Refer to WSPTA’s “Presidents” booklet for more information. Attached is a generic calendar for the President to use as a planning guideline/reminder checklist throughout the year.

Revised: 3/19/11