VP of Fundraising 


Oversee all fund raising activities for the school year. Work closely with chairs of fund raising activities to ensure fund raising goals are met. In addition to overseeing these committees, the VP of Fundraising continues researching new options for fundraising. Any fundraising activities should take into account the PTA’s current goals and objectives and get the board’s approval.

The VP of Fundraising shall:

  • Attend PTA Training, as required.
  • Review any contracts that have been signed and commitments made by PTA with any fundraising organization.
  • Work with the relevant PTA Chair to understand what our commitments are to any organization.
  • Review Briarwood’s PTA handbook - understand the correct procedures for handling PTA monies, insurance issues etc.
  • Research and evaluate new fundraising opportunities.
  • Finalize the plan for year’s fundraisers with feedback from the PTA meeting.
  • Attend the monthly PTA meetings and update the board on the fundraising activities.
  • Work closely with each PTA Fundraising Chair to help ensure that their event/activity is successful.
  • Ensure that everyone who handles money for the PTA is aware of the procedures that need to be followed.
  • Adapt the Fundraising Plan as necessary throughout the year.
  • In May, review the past year’s fundraising activities and evaluate which ones were successful. Get input from all the PTA Fundraising Chairs. Make contacts with vendors for the upcoming year.
  • Submit a fundraising overview for the Back to School packets.

Time Commitment:

Can be a shared position. Year round commitment, busiest times are Sep and Oct, then Jan–March.

Useful Skills:

Good organizational and people skills. Knowledge of Excel is helpful.