If you have an event or program to promote, please refer to these general guidelines for getting the word out.   We have many great programs, and want to make sure to give them all as much advertising as possible.
4 Weeks Out:  
The event will be listed on the Upcoming Events list on the website/bottom of the e-blasts
2-3 Weeks Out:  
You can send a paper flyer home - please have your VP or Communications VP check it out.  If you need help with layout - please ask!
Hang signs around school.  Check with your VP if you need assistance - there is a parent who volunteered to help with sign making
Evaluate your volunteer needs - if you want to advertise for more volunteers, I can put that in the e-blasts/website
1 Week Out:  
We will put it on the "Coming Up this Week" section of the e-blasts + put a blurb on the Facebook page
2 Days Out:  
Reminder on Facebook page
After the event:
We'll post thank you's in the e-blast that directly follows the event for the Chairs and any parent helpers or student groups who help out....as well as the next Newsletter.